Anthony Robbins Бесплатное аудио. "5 Keys To Wealth and Happiness"

Вот ссылка на интересное аудио от Тони

Те кто плохо воспринимает английски на слух, вот краткое содержание.

KEY CONCEPTS FROM THIS AUDIO: Frustration, Rejection, Pressure, Complacency, Giving

1. Learn to manage frustration
> A negative attitude wipes out self discipline
> Key to success in life = massive frustration
> On the other side of frustration is success
> Turn frustration into fascination

2. Learn to handle rejection
> Key to success in life = achieving massive amounts of rejection

3. Learn to handle financial pressure
> Key = learn to manage money so it becomes a tool
> Change the beliefs in your head
> Focus on what you can give, not on what you can get
> "Richest Man In Babylon" teaches how to get rid of financial pressure so money doesn't use you, but rather money is just a tool (take 10% of your money and immediately give it away so your brain associates that there is more than enough and cause the joy is in giving, Take 10% and use it to reduce your debts, and Take 10% to invest or save to invest)
> Keep giving until things turn around
> People do the best they can with the resources they have

4. Learn to handle complacency
> Complacency is Comfort Zone and you feel you're 'doing alright'
> Comfort Zone does not make you happy, you only feels satisfied for so long and then end up looking for distractions because the only way you'll be happy in life is not by what you get but by what you BECOME
> Who you become as a person is what will make you happy now and in the future, what you get will not make you happy
> Solution to Complacency = Learn to judge yourself by your goals/potential and YOUR values and not by your peers AND pay careful attention to who you associate with since it affects what you're willing to accept of yourself and your skills (the people around you impact your values)
> No matter how well you think you're doing there's always someone doing better AND THAT MEANS you could be doing better as well -- and that's the passion of life, it's called Growth.
> Watch who you associate to and put yourself in a position to Grow and don't get too satisfied

5. Always give much more than you expect to receive
> Ensures long term success and is a formula for wealth and happiness
> If you always focus on 'what can I give', you'll never have to focus on what you receive cause you'll always get much more back
> The secret to living is giving
> Put yourself in a place where you can find some situation in your life where you love giving so much that it's not a task but a privilege
> Have even greater and deeper appreciation for the joy that you have in life in what you can give to people
> Focus on selling and you'll do okay. Focus on changing lives and giving people the emotions they want through your product/service/input then you become wealthy. It's easier to become wealthy than it is to do okay. Become as wealthy as you possibly can be.

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